Experience Parkdale

Shirley Howard Plant 5 - Kings Mountain, NC

I have been at this plant for 38 years and
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Servando Ruiz Plant 21 - Monroe, NC

I started off as a drawing operator, then I was
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Sandra Smith Plant 7 - Gaffney, SC

The company I was with was going belly up until
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Ronnie Johnson Plant 20 - Edgefield, SC

I started out 30 years ago as a security guard
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Parkdale's Guiding Principles

  1. Place customers at the heart of the organization.
  2. Be action-oriented and accountable for results.
  3. Be resourceful, creative and innovative in problem-solving.
  4. Commit to continuous improvement.
  1. Communicate and collaborate as one team.
  2. Reward and encourage the right behaviors.
  3. Promote an environment of trust and respect, and demonstrate integrity in all that we do.
  4. Compete.