As the world’s leading manufacturer of spun yarns, our goal is to deliver customer value through exceptional yarn quality and unparalleled service. Our success is the direct result of our relentless commitment to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the driver of our organization, our customer.

Since 1916, Parkdale has strived to be the premier yarn spinner in the world. Our vision for the future revolves around a perpetually changing supply chain that demands faster response, superior service, and enhanced speed to market. We have developed a culture that encourages research and development in order to provide customers with products that meet the needs of a variable market. Not only does our focus on research cultivate innovative products, it also presents our customers with the ability to conceive and develop new market trends.

Our determination to craft the world’s finest yarns relies on a culture committed to innovation and continual improvement. We are constantly challenging conventional methods in order to provide the very best in operational efficiency, machinery capabilities, and technological advances. This approach ensures we utilize the most effective spinning processes available to meet each customer’s unique product needs.

Our Brands

Spunlab is Parkdale's speciality yarn division at the forefront of fashion apparel and technical textile trends. Our facilities are our customer's laboratories crafting customized products for our client's needs. We work with natural, synthetic, technical, and blended fibers to offer products such as Triblends, Heathers, Slub Yarns, and Fire Retardant Yarns.

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Founded in 1983, U.S. Cotton is the leading manufacturer of cotton products in the Americas and the only major national manufacturer of organic cotton. With over three decades of experience in all cotton categories, we hold the number one position in the market for health and beauty aide cotton products.

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Our History

Parkdale was chartered in 1916 by a group of investors in Gastonia, NC. Operation began in 1918, producing 425 tons of thread yarn per year in one plant. Fifty years after the company was first chartered, Parkdale Mills Plant #2 opened in Gastonia, doubling the production of the company. More acquisitions followed, and by 1992, Parkdale was operating 18 yarn spinning plants in the United States. While acquisitions continued, business strategy turned to construction in the mid-1990s.
Additionally, an international manufacturing and distribution strategy initiated operations in Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.

In 2008, Parkdale furthered it’s expansion and diversification by acquiring US Cotton, LLC, the dominant supplier to almost every major US, Mexican, and Canadian retail chain of private label cotton based consumer products. These products include swabs, cotton balls, rounds and square pads.

Today the parent company, Parkdale Inc., is the largest consumer of cotton in the U.S. It is one of the largest provider of spun yarns in the world, producing over 8,000 tons per week of products at 29 manufacturing plants in the US, Mexico, and South America.

The success of Parkdale – to produce a product equal to, if not better than, any in the world – has hinged on several factors: skilled leadership, constant pursuit of the most advanced technology in the world, the development of a highly skilled workforce, and most importantly, paying strict attention to the needs of our customers.

Guiding Principles

  1. Place customers at the heart of the organization.

  2. Be action-oriented and accountable for results.

  3. Be resourceful, creative and innovative in problem-solving.

  4. Commit to continuous improvement.

  5. Communicate and collaborate as one team.

  6. Reward and encourage the right behaviors.

  7. Promote an environment of trust and respect, and demonstrate integrity in all that we do.

  8. Compete.