dytru® fiber: The Sustainable Polyester

dytru® fiber is a revolutionary polyester fiber that uses advanced textile technology to deliver increased dyeing capacity at a lower processing cost. It requires fewer resources to dye fabric containing dytru® polyester fiber and lessens the environmental impact.

Dytru® Fiber Delivers

Lower Dye


Lower Dye Temperature

dytru® fiber dyes at 99°C as compared to traditional polyester at 130°C. This translates to shorter dye cycles, increased capacity and decreased energy costs.

Dye Uptake


Accelerated Dye Uptake

The fiber design enables faster dye molecule penetration through the fiber wall, resulting in significantly reduced dwell time.

Colorfastness &
Pilling Properties


Excellent Colorfastness & Pilling Properties

Fabric containing dytru® polyester fiber is repeatedly rated 4.0 to 5.0 in 2A colorfastness testing. dytru® fiber also delivers exceptional pilling performance ratings in ASTM D5312 or D4970 testing.



Less Dyestuffs

dytru® fiber requires 10 to 50 percent less dyestuffs to achieve shade standard. Achieve more, spend less.



Cleaner Effluent

In lighter shades, dytru® fiber eliminates the need for reductive clearing after the polyester dye cycle.

Dye Cycle


Shorter Dye Cycle

Polyester dwell time is reduced to 20 minutes with dytru® fiber, versus 40 minutes for traditional polyester.


Slide right to see traditional polyester dyed at 99°C


Slide left to see dytru® fiber dyed at 99°C

We created dytru® fiber, a patented polyester fiber with unique chemistry, to address two industry challenges: rising dyeing costs and shrinking dye-house capacity. dytru® fiber offers a more efficient, more sustainable and lower cost method to dye polyester and polyester cotton blended fabrics, while still achieving the desired fabric performance.

What People Are Saying About dytru® Fiber

"dytru® is a paradigm shift."

— Jorge de la Cruz, Dyehouse Manager

"Repeatability from Color Lab to production floor is key, and dytru® performed every time."

— Beatriz Mesa, Color Lab Manager

Putting dytru® Fiber to the Test

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