Our Commitment to Sustainabilty

We Are a Zero-Waste Manufacturer

We Reuse Packaging And Byproducts

We innovate and develop non-conventional methods to re-use waste generated from our production process, and our packaging materials are reusable or recyclable.

Reclaimed Cotton/Pre-Consumer

Fibers rejected from the spinning process are treated to become raw material for cotton balls, swabs, and cleansing pads. Pre-consumer is also used for spun yarn production.

Pepper Trash

Organic matter extracted from the cotton cleaning process (such as bark, leaf, and grass) is compressed into briquettes and shipped to farmers for fertilizer or to feed livestock.

Comber Noils

Short cotton fibers extracted from the combing process are baled and used in specialty yarns or treated and used in cotton balls, swabs, and cleansing pads.

Stranded Sliver Motes

These are baled and used in specialty products.

Thread Waste

These are baled and used as filler for insulation and stuffed items.

We Recycle Materials

We recycle everything in all our facilities from packaging to cardboard to delivery materials, as well as office paper and breakroom cans and bottles.

  • Bale bagging (polyethylene and polypropylene) is recycled
  • Bale wires and metal are recycled
  • Bale strapping (polyethylene) is recycled
  • Cardboard is recycled
  • All paper tubes and cones are made of recycled materials
  • We use high density returnable plastic pallets to hold yarn cones, which are emptied and returned to us once the yarn is delivered to the customer
  • After paraffin wax is applied during the production of knitting yarn, the small wax disc remains are melted down to become new wax discs
recycled materialsrecycled materials

We Reduce Our Footprint, Whenever Possible

As the world’s leading manufacturer of spun yarns, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through the following best practices:

  • Facilitate energy reduction initiatives across all manufacturing facilities
  • Utilize load sharing technology and practices
  • Participate in 3rd party energy consumption audits
  • Perform water consumption auditing/reduction
  • Update our lighting and install LED lighting in all facilities to reduce energy consumption
  • Complete lithium battery conversions in personnel transport vehicles
  • Participate in energy curtailment programs with utility providers

We Make Sustainable Products

Our commitment to protecting our planet includes offering sustainable fiber and yarns.
We offer polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, and unused short fiber from the yarn spinning process, in addition to these proprietary new products.

Yarns and fabrics made with these fibers reduce the persistence of plastic microfibers in our oceans and plastic accumulation in landfills

A more efficient, sustainable and lower cost way to dye polyester

Parkdale products have been verified in an independent laboratory and tested for harmful substances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®