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We’ve always offered our clients eco-friendly textile materials, including recycled polyester, organic cotton and reclaimed cotton. But we are driven to do more—both for the industry and our planet. Parkdale’s Advanced Materials division was born to empower our people to find innovative solutions to some of today’s toughest environmental challenges.

CiCLO® fibers are manufactured through a patent-pending process that allows polyester and other synthetic materials to biodegrade like natural materials, resulting in less pollution in our oceans and less accumulation in landfills.

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We Are A Zero-Waste Manufacturer

All of our packaging—from bale strapping to cardboard shipping boxes—is recycled. Our energy consumption is continuously monitored, and often reduced, as we continue to invest in new technologies. And any waste generated from our production process is collected and repurposed.

Here’s how we make sure none of our by-product ends up in a landfill.

Dust and
Organic Matter

Dust and organic matter from cotton plants is extracted, compressed and used for cattle feed, animal bedding and fuel for beekeeper smoker.


Low-grade short fiber is captured, baled and sold for use in low-grade textile goods and insulation material.


Mid-grade fiber is re-introduced into course-count yarns that will be used in socks and fleece backing materials.


Higher-grade fiber is captured, baled, bleached and used in cotton cosmetic products at US Cotton.

Parkdale products have been verified in an independent laboratory and tested for harmful substances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®